Daily Specials

DAILY SPECIALS $6.99 plus tax

All daily specials include:
8 oz. of one of our homemade salads, a cup of one of our homemade soups, chips/pickle, OR a piece of fruit

Monday: ROMA – baby mozzarella, tomato, cucumber, roasted red pepper, lettuce, pesto mayo

Tuesday: ITALIAN – salami, provolone, onions, green pepper, tomato, vinaigrette

Wednesday: VEGGIE BURGER – veggie burger, melted swiss, tomato, spinach, mushrooms

Thursday: BBQ CHICKEN BACON MELT – BBQ chicken, provolone, sandwich coleslaw, dill pickle slices

Friday: TUNA MELT – our homemade tuna salad grilled, melted swiss, tomato, red onion, lettuce

*All can be made on your choice of a bagel, bread, or wrap